If I hurt you, then I hate myself

The sky fell down, pulled us in
Stole away my oxygen
Left me standing breathless there with you

The ocean wrapped around the sun
The smell of June, the taste of your tongue
Is all I'd ever need

And jealousy's the cousin of greed

How Do You Leave The Past Behind

When It Keeps Finding Ways To Get To
Your Heart

It Reaches Way Down Deep And Tears
You Inside Out
Til You're Torn Apart

And I don't want the world to see me..

I wonder if you'll be able to handle me

Mental pictures
No cameras please

DJ, Turn it Up!

Turn up the music
Can I hear it til the speakers blow

Turn up the music
Fill your cup and drink it down

Touching Her... Thinking of You...

Give me some time alone
Give me a second to breathe
Give me a minute to think
Give me an eternity to think about
how to not think of you...

Just Take Me

I want you to abuse me
Use me

Shut up and do me

Grab me
Stab me

Go on and have me

Buckle Up, I'mma Give It To You Stronger
Hands Up, We Can Go A Little Longer
Tonight I'mma Get A Little Crazy
Get A Little Crazy, Baby

Stop Hiding

Come out, come out
Stop hiding in your shell and dream alone
Come out, come out
Show your sparkling eyes and part the clouds

But don't despair
I'm on your side
A topsy turvy saviour in the night

So follow me
The melody
Who'll turn you inside out and set you free


Lid för konsten eller brinn
Jag slåss och håller kroppen varm...

Hoppar och trampar på ditt hjärta

Jag vill sova i ditt hjärta nu
Kan vi inte bara sova
Något litet enkelt lätt
som slutar när vi é klara
Jag kan vara mer än nog för mig
Hur mycket plats får jag ta
Går nära alla husen så ingen trampar på mig

Sprider kärlek på 
en gata med för mycket
ensamhet sätt på 
hörlurarna du slipper
skrik men vad vet jag


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